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My Approach

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"I take a collaborative approach with my clients
to encourage meaningful navigation
of the 
challenges of life." 

I grew up in the field of psychotherapy immersed in psychodynamic theory and continue to formulate my understanding of my clients’ concerns from that framework.

Currently however, my theoretical orientation, or basic guiding principles, in organizing treatment are the allied treatments of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). My interventions are mindfulness-based and trauma-sensitive. This new set of therapies, committed to empirical evaluation and science, align impeccably with yoga philosophy.

My shared vocations of psychotherapist and yoga therapist/teacher enable me to take a broad view of healing. As such, I am dedicated to fostering opportunities of holistic wellness by offering evidence-based psychotherapy, and, when traditional strategies for treating depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health struggles are not sufficient for some individuals, yoga may be an attractive alternative or a good adjunctive strategy.


Aspects of yoga--mindfulness, movement, and breathwork--are active ingredients of other successful treatments. Lastly, there are plausible biological, psychological, and behavioral mechanisms by which yoga may have a positive impact associated with depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, and eating disorders, to name just a few. For these reasons, yoga may be an appealing intervention or adjunct to traditional treatment for individuals with mental health issues.


Let's explore together whether my unique competencies of mental health therapy and yoga therapy are a good fit for you. Schedule a Brief Initial Consultation, at no charge and no commitment.

Be well.

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